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Gain The Edge You've Been After

The Blankslate Way

Advancing the future of business, work, and society through human-centered innovation.

Account Manager 

Get tailored service, guaranteeing

your business requirements are

taken care of quickly and precisely.

UX Strategy

By creating user-centric solutions, future changes can become more manageable and easier to overcome.

Expert Designers 

Help your target users stay in touch and connected to your brand with story-driven experiences.

Increased Efficiency

Advanced technology to optimize productivity, free up time, and

achieve the most out of your efforts.

Security & Compliance 

Meet industry standards, prevent data breaches, and enhance stakeholder trust. 


Be a step ahead of your rivals and ready to accommodate expanding needs - scaling up has never been easier.

End-to-End Solutions that save you time and money.
Spend Your Resources Where It Matters

What We Do

Digital Infrastructure Assessment

Our service evaluates your digital ecosystem, pinpointing performance and security gaps, and offers scalable solutions for optimal functionality and safeguarding.

Talent Pipeline Development

Designing and implementing talent pipelines and training programs that harmonize with industry demands, ensuring a constant stream of skilled professionals ready to propel organizational growth.

Regional Economic Strategy Consulting

Collaborating with regional stakeholders to formulate and execute economic strategies that drive sustainable growth and community development.

Transforming People and Organizations from Digital Outsiders to Industry Leaders.

The Future of Work, Realized Today

Comprehensive Workforce Development Solutions and Digital Transformation for a Human-Centered Future.

Discover Connections, Unlock Your Ecosystem

Unlock Scalability and Customization with the Blankslate-Eco Map: Your AI-Powered Central Hub for Ecosystem Asset Management, Seamless Collaboration, and Strategic Connections.



In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and shifting economic landscapes, The Blankslate Group stands as your steadfast partner in navigating these complexities. Using our HITS© Framework, we help clients integrate Human-Centricity, Innovation, Transformation, and Secure-Sustainability into products, services, and experiences that can scale.

Ready to Lead the Charge? Discover the Power of the HITS Matrix Framework and join us in shaping a future where impact and innovation converge.


"Human-centricity" is the cornerstone of the Blankslate Way and our HITS Framework. This component underscores the importance of developing high-impact products, services, and experiences that customers are most likely to use, value, and recommend to others. As the "H" in the HITS Framework, it reinforces the weight of empathy, co-creation, and iterative design when creating solutions to complex, uncertain problems. 


Our framework recognizes that progress is not made by always coloring within the lines. Innovation is the driving force behind the HITS approach, encouraging out-of-the-box thinking to develop solutions that have the potential to create category-defining products, services, and experiences that revolutionizes industry and provides growth and market leadership. 


Transformation is the third tenet of the powerful problem-solving approach, where the trifecta of people, systems, and technology come together to guide you in planning and designing your next breakthrough. With the HITS Framework's transformative power as our beacon, we move beyond surface-level symptoms of problems and target their root causes, driving increases in efficiencies, improved mobility, and boosts in innovation.


Secure Sustainability

In the HITS Framework, the "S" represents our fourth tenet and the bedrock of future-proof solutions- Secure Sustainability. In an interconnected world, data and privacy become the crown jewels that we must keep close to the chest. To ensure their safety, we tap into our extensive partner ecosystem to deliver the latest in cybersecurity practices, zero-trust technology frameworks, and state-of-the-art data management methods. With these fortified solutions, we empower you to unlock the full potential of connected industries and maximize the benefits of the HITS Framework.

Are you having trouble preparing your business for the future?

Outdated Technology Drains Businesses of $1.8 Trillion Annually and Exposes Them to Cybersecurity Risks, with Average Costs of Data Breaches Ranging from $120,000 to $1.24 Million

Managing to keep up with the constant clamor for new innovations, consumer demands, and top-notch cybersecurity can seem absolutely insurmountable. And when you take into account the limits on funding and resources along with a need for fast answers, it may start feeling like an endless tightrope act. Unfortunately, such an approach is too draining to be sustainable over time and will only serve to limit progress in the long run. This can leave you feeling:

Disappointed with "good enough" digital solutions 

Confused about changing customer preferences

Frustrated by disintegrated systems and information 

Worried about tech implementation without compromising profit

We believe you deserve to build a tech-enabled, profitable company that is prepared for the future

You deserve to build a tech-enabled, profitable company that is prepared for the future.

Gain The Edge You've Been After

We're Experts

at Making the Complex Simple

At Blankslate, we live and breathe growth, transformation, and human-centered design. People come first - it's that simple. Our solutions are crafted with cutting-edge research, innovative thinking, and diverse perspectives to create real, lasting change.


Join us at Blankslate, and let's shape the future together!


In this initial step, we work with you to identify, frame, and understand your company's most pressing challenges. 


After identifying your needs, we will work closely with you to scope a plan of action aligned with your overall business strategy, budget, and timeline.


In this step, we leverage our partner ecosystem to develop innovative, human-centric, and transformative solutions that uncover white space opportunities and new growth levers for your product, service, and venture.


Working with you every step of the way, our team provides end-to-end assistance during your transition, implementing your changes, deploying new systems, providing training, and support for seamless operations.


With your launch under our control, we spring into action. We execute the release, train users, and provide non-stop support to ensure target goals are achieved. We closely scrutinize achievements, expertly fine-tune for improvement, and boost performance to the max- the Blankslate Way!  

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 St. Louis, MO 63110


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Advanced technology to streamline operations and increase productivity,

AI for Business Intelligence

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human-centered solutions 

Experience Design

Focus, prioritize, and transform your product into a category leader

Product Development

Meet industry standards, prevent data breaches, and enhance stakeholder trust

Security & Compliance

Identify white space market
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End-to-End Solutions that save you time and money

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